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Experienced Attorney Mediator Helps Parties Resolve Issues Outside of Court

Providing mediation services for complex family law disputes

When your divorce case goes to court, a judge will make decisions related to property division, child custody and other issues for you. In a successful mediation, you make those decisions for yourselves. At Beth L. Rogers, LLC,  our mediator has over 20 years of experience helping conflicting parties resolve disputes through this alternative dispute resolution process. She is on the approved list of mediators for the Circuit Court of Howard County and is certified to mediate through the South Carolina Bar Association. To ensure she always provides a high level of service under the rules and standards of practice, Ms. Rogers stays up-to-date on the latest information and techniques by regularly attending continuing legal education courses focused in this area.

What is mediation?

In mediation, a trained and neutral third-party assists divorcing spouses and parents in resolving their disagreements during confidential sessions. Mediators do not represent one side or the other, nor do they make decisions for the parties. Rather, they help disputing parties work through their differences in order to reach settlement on the issues on their own terms. The settlement, agreement or Memorandum of Understanding, can then be drafted, and after review by the parties and their attorneys, submitted to the court for approval. Mediation can be voluntary or it may be court-ordered by a judge as an effort to avoid trial. Our mediator has a long history of successfully guiding parties through this process. She will help you identify and discuss your respective needs and wants in order to facilitate an outcome that is satisfactory for you and your family.

The benefits of using mediation

There are several benefits to using mediation. Mediation is confidential, so personal issues such as divorce or custody are not aired publicly as they would be in the courtroom, which serves to preserve participants’ privacy. It is also designed as a cooperative and collaborative process, so it is typically less contentious and can encourage positive relationships between former spouses or co-parents in the future, benefiting their children. Additionally, a successful mediation can be faster and less expensive than going to court. While mediation is often a viable process for resolving legal conflicts, it is not right for every circumstance, especially if domestic violence has been a concern. Ms. Rogers can help you understand whether mediation may be beneficial for your situation.

What issues can be addressed in mediation?

Family law issues that may be resolved in mediation include:

  • How property and debts will be divided
  • Whether spousal support will be paid and how much
  • Child custody, visitation and support concerns

In addition to divorce-related matters, other disputes that may be satisfactorily resolved using mediation include estate disputes, guardianships of persons or property and additional civil law disputes.

Contact an effective mediator for your divorce issues or other disputes

Whether you are voluntarily considering mediation or it has been mandated by the court, our trained mediator at Beth L. Rogers, LLC, has the extensive experience needed to effectively navigate you through the process. Call us today at 410-740-9996 or contact us online to arrange an appointment.